Switch Frontside 360s with Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson. Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Stomping Switch Frontside 360s

Ryan Thompson shows you what a proper switch frontside three (not Cab) should look like.

Before we begin we need to set the record straight. Some shreds might call this trick a Cab 360, but that isn't technically correct because snowboarders can't ride fakie. We borrowed the Cab moniker from skateboarding. Skateboarders can ride fakie. We snow-slashing types can ride switch, so we do switch frontside 360s.  That's that. Moving on … Ryan Thompson can spin switch frontside with the best of 'em, so he's here to show you how. Sift through the text, then the photos, and then practice this trick until you're dizzy in the head.--L.G.

1. Before you try switch front threes you'll want to be comfortable boosting and landing switch--and know how to do switch frontside 180s.

2. As you approach the jump, keep your shoulders open and relax. It's easy to geek out a little when coming into a jump switch, but just stay cool and confident in your abilities.

3. Charge straight at the lip. If you want to make a couple setup turns, that will help, but be sure not to scrub all your speed by carving too hard--this will only lead to coming up short.

4. Just before you leave the lip, cock your shoulders a little, pop off your heels, and once you're in the air, initiate the spin with your upper body. Suck your knees up. Find a grab that feels right--mute, tail, or stalefish are all good choices. And just keep looking in the direction you're spinning.

5. You should be able to spot your landing at about 270 as you come around, release your grab, keep your knees bent, but get ready to put it down.

6. Land good and flat-based, ride away fakie, and do it all over again on the next table.

"When you're starting to learn these, you're going to want to start on a smaller jump in order to get the fundamentals right. Practice a couple switch straight airs, that will help you get your body stable in the air, and gradually work your way up from there."

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