Surplus 16.2

FOURSQUARE and Special Blend Casual Tube Socks
It doesn’t matter how much money you have squirreled away, the finer things in life are always easily affordable. And no one can argue about what a fresh pair of cotton stockings will do for the step, let alone a sock-puppet collection. There’s something more to these FOURSQUARE and Special Blend support hose, though-a personal experience of comfort nearly indescribable. The socks are available in assorted colors and come complete with keen logo placement. We’re so excited about them around the office, it’s bordering on the obnoxious.
Suggested Retail Price: $8
Militia Recon Duffel
The problem with those giant wheelie bags is that when you pack, you fill it up no matter how long you’re going to be gone-it’s just human nature. But a really good bag expands and contracts with the amount of gear you need to bring, and that’s the great thing about the Recon. It could take you through a weeklong vacation up North-then, with a few tugs on the volume-adjusting straps, it’s also the perfect weekender for a quick trip to the local mountain.
SRP: $75
Japanese Mentholated Eye Drops
A bunch of us were walking around in Tokyo when someone stopped at a newsstand and bought these eye drops. They’re mentholated, and oh man-it’s a complete sensory experience. We actually had to stop walking so everyone could try them without wandering into the street and getting hit by cars. They really do rehydrate your eyes, and you actually feel like you can see better after using them. Pick up a bottle at your local Japanese market or any 7Eleven in the greater Tokyo area.
SRP: $12
Shock Doctor Footbeds
You know it’s bad when the chiropractor announces that you have the back of someone twice your age. What, did you think all those flat landings and rail wrecks would improve spinal health? It’s time to start taking better care of things with a pair of these shock-absorbing footbeds for your boots. Not only do they cushion the foot for additional control and support, the built-in climate-control materials help avoid boot-swamp.
SRP: $30
Burton Ronin Katana Jacket
Mountain temperatures are fickle. Who hasn’t bundled up in the morning, only to be sweating by mid afternoon, and then freezing again when the sun goes down? Well, that’s how you get pneumonia or your jacket swiped from the base lodge (even if it was stashed in the corner where you swore no one would find it). With the Ronin Katana you can control your temperature with a few breaths-the inflatable lining system actually allows you to blow up the insulation of your own jacket. And it’s a good thing, too-at this price, you wouldn’t want to stash this one with the liftie.
SRP: $550
Patents Pending Product Giveaway
What, not interested in international novelties? The latest in shred technology not good enough for you? Well okay, like we’ve said before, show us what you’ve got. Send in your ideas for not-yet-invented snowboarding products-the best entry from each month will be published and win one of the magazine’s featured Surplus items. Send entries to: Patents Pending, TransWorld SNOWboarding, 353 Airport Road, Oceanside, CA 92054.
How to turn any car into a dope snowboard ride.
By Brooke Geery
Getting to and from the mountain can sometimes take as long as the time you actually spend riding, with traffic, winding access roads, and often-snowy conditions. This sad truth makes having the ultimate driving machine that much more valuable. But not everyone can afford a dope new SUV or a sporty, all-wheel-drive European car-some of us have to throw chains on a Geo Metro. It’s not the end of the world, though. Here are a few things to help you ride in style and make sure everyone knows you’re a cool snowboarder.
Stickers are key. The bigger and more vision-impairing, the better. If you get pulled over because of your sticker job, you’ve done something right. Beware, though; “Legalize It” stickers will also get you pulled over, but don’t make you cool. Having the right stickers can serve another purpose, too-looking sponsored. If your stickers are plentiful and properly placed, you can fool even the coolest industry bro, and it might even get you better parking at the hill. It always seems like sponsored kids are better at the application of stickers anyway, so study up.
Splurge on something. So you saved some money on your car. That means you have even more to put into your racking system. Nothing says, “I snowboard!” like an expensive rack that shows off your shredder. For extra points, make sure to leave snowboards on the rack at all times with the highbacks up. And while you’re choosing a system, don’t underestimate the value of adding a surf, bike, or kayak rack as well, to scream, “I’m multitalented!”
Use what you already have. Goggles should hang from your rearview mirror. If you have multiple pairs, don’t be afraid to put them on your headrests as well. Prop your gloves up on the dashboard under the guise that you’re drying them, when really you’re just showing them off. And drive with your beanie on, ’cause if you don’t have hat hair, you aren’t riding hard enough.
Let the state advertise for you. For a nominal fee, vanity plates can be made to say anything you want. Why not add to your car by making your plates advertise your favorite brand or mountain? You can also go for the classic “SNBRDR,” but that one’s already taken in most states. Oh, and don’t make your message too cryptic, or you may cause accidents while people try to read it.
Surround yourself with the right people. The final and most important hint is making sure everyone else looks dope, too. No one can deny the appeal of shoving a bunch of people with cool clothes into the back of a compact car. It lets everyone else know how much fun you’re having. But pick the right people, and don’t be afraid to discriminate. When the dorky kid from your science class wants a ride, be sure to tell him, “No.” One nerd can ruin the whole mystique.