Matts Kulisek backside rodeo 720. All photos by Alex Roberts.

Tuesday, August 26.

French Canadians Matts Kulisek and Charles Reid continue their dominance at Stylewars during day two of competition at Falls Creek Australia.

Strong winds, scattered clouds and a riders vote meant that today the Stylewars course was restricted to the bottom feature of the park – the gap jump. The jump had been re-shaped last night to give some more pop and allow the riders a little more hang time. The level of style and tricks definitely stepped up today at Stylewars with the help of the course fine-tuning from head park builders Rueben Cameron from Australia and Doug Mercer of Mammoth, California.

A colorful morning riders meeting.

Matts Kulisek (CAN) was again throwing down all day with consistent incredible tricks over the gap like backside rodeo nines and frontside 1080's. His slaying of the jump pushed him to first place today and number one in the overall standings of the three-day freestyle marathon.

Kiwi Quentin Robbins. Ball shrinking one-footer.

Charles Reid (CAN) was bumped into 2nd position by his countryman Matts, but his slew of 1080's, nines and smooth fives held him solidly in striking position for the in on the upcoming final day. "Usually in a contest the guys who spin the most win, but I have been spinning some big three's and seven's and I was winning yesterday, so I think it's a great comp – you don't have to do a 1260 or something to win." Reid said.

Swedish tweaker Jonas Carlson backside 180.

Tyler Chorlton (GBR) threw the most interesting trick of the day with a nollie front-flip nose grab but was not to be outdone by Kiwi Quentin Robbins who launched a one foot indy over the high-speed gap kicker.

Tyler Chorlton from the UK Nollie frontflip nose grab.

In the hotly disputed Bledisnow Cup, which is an Australia versus New Zealand comp within Stylewars. Australian riders took out day two, led by acting team captain Ryan Tiene and team mate Mitch Allan. New Zealand and Australia are now tied at one day each with New Zealand just ahead in the points.

Finlands Ville Uotila, bone yard spin.

Tonight at Stylewars the party continues with a special showing of Travis Rice's new film That's It That's All followed by infamous Australian hip hop act Bliss & Eso who  ill no doubt tear the bloody roof off. Hangovers assured for all tomorrow.

The third day of Stylewars competition is planned for tomorrow, and includes the Volvo 28 Stair Rail Jam to be held in the evening under lights in Falls Creek Village.

For video highlights of yesterday go to:

Overall rankings after Day 2 (Stylepoints in parenthesis):

1. Matts Kulisek (1498)
2. Charles Reid (1464)
3. Torstein Horgmo (1312)
4. Ville Uotila (1199)
5. Stef Zeestraten (1192)
6. Shayne Pospisil (1191)
7. Jacob Koia (1153)
8. Mitch Allan (1151)
9. Ryan Tiene (1147)
10. Will Jackways (1132)
11. Keiji Okamoto (1109)
12. Tore Holvik 1099)
13. Robbie Walker (1052)
14. Clint Allan (1021)
15. Nick Brown (919)
16. Roland Morley Brown (867)
17. Masaharu Nakao (861)
18. Jye Kearney (837)
19. Dustin Craven (722)
20. Chas Guldemond (618)