Stuck Deep in the Hole

Snake River Canyon: avalanched and closed. Teton Pass: closed, and very few flights departing or arriving from the airport. Whoever is here is stoked and whoever is trying to get here, is not! I feel blessed.

After being in Jackson Hole for the holidays, I was scheduled to leave Tuesday, January 4th, then the 5th, then the 8th, then the 9th: all cancelled to due to this storm that has been lingering all week. I threw in the towel with United and decided to ride the 30 fresh inches that has accumulated, and work in the early mornings, on the cell in the gondola, at lunch on the pay phones, and at night before I go out.

I rounded up some local pros and friends, Lance Pitman, Willie Macmillon, Rob Duncan, Byron Hills and Sean O’Brien and was lucky enough to score the 8:12 media/photographer tram.

If you are not familiar with the tram scene in Jackson, the first public tram is at 9:00 and you will not get that box on a sick powder day without throwing your board in line by 7:00am, not to mention the mixed emotions and vibes in the air.

We arrived at the top of the tram at about 8:20 and were all herded into Corbet’s Cabin to anxiously wait for the avalanche control to be finished. As I looked around, I noticed the smiling faces of Tom Gilles and Julie Zell.

Jason Ford, who arrived from a mostly dry Tahoe, was especially stoked that he was enjoying one of the only substantial snowfalls in the country with endless terrain to explore, with his local friend and tour guide Jeremy Jones.

We scored the very first tracks in Rendezvous Bowl, then down to the Hobacks, where Willie put it perfectly, “I think this is heaven”. The snow was of perfect consistency, down pillow like.

It was an epic day, with endless, sick, fast powder turns, and good laughs with friends over the walkie talkies. The jib factor was low, but we still launched off the cat tracks into the fluff.

We talked to Bryan Iguchi this afternoon, he was in the Washington DC airport, he was super bummed about not being here. He was trying to get back here, to Jackson Hole from the Burton sales meeting in Vermont. After hearing about our incredible snow filled week, he sarcastically remarked how Stowe was epic. Sorry Bryan, don’t worry there is more to come.

So it is now Monday night, a week from when I was scheduled to come back to San Diego. My flight is at 7 am tomorrow morning and they are calling for 2-3 feet tonight. Ahem, ahem that is the sound of me choking on pow tomorrow.