Stratton Mtn. School Take Red Bull Schooled

Waterville Valley, New Hampshire — March 14, 2004 Class was in session andthe weather offered perfect winter conditions, blue-bird with a wellgroomed super-pipe. Through invitation, eight academies waged schoolrivalry on one of the biggest pipes and the coldest mini-skate ramp in NewEngland. Year two of Red Bull Schooled enrolled snowboard academies in asession of higher learning. Red Bull Schooled brought together the honorroll of snowboarding to compete among their peers. While most competitionfocuses on older established professionals, Red Bull Schooled welcomes theoften overlooked and fertile resource of high school age athletes.

The anticipation for this year’s event was fueled by new distinctive andcreative features, which included butter slide boxes (adding four feet ofvert to the already towering 16 foot super-pipe walls) along with stairwaysand rails to the Red Bull Schooled playground. Rounding off the “Schooledgrounds was a five foot mini ramp recessed into to the snow for unity andpeace of mind.

The class of 2004 welcomed familiar faces for a second term, such as LouieVito, Pat Moore, Luke Mitrani, and Mary Sallah. Taking home the gold wereMary Sallah for the girls and Michael Goldschmidt for the boys.

After a season of hard work, Mary achieved academic excellence by throwingdown a series of runs made up of front side 540’s, back side grabs, and agnarly tail tap on the butter box. Close behind, Okemo Mountain SchoolSophomore Eliza Greene demonstrated proficiency by linking 50/50’s andfront side 540’s

Upper classman at Stratton Mountain School, Michael Goldschmidt broke allthe rules by 50/50ing the butter box and then proved his scholarly ways bydoing Haakon flips, front side sevens, cripplers, and the notorious switchcrippler. Waterville Valley Academy’s Student of the Year, Pat Moore,showed the kids what spinning was all about with front side 900’s and theinfamous Haakon 900.

Luke Mitrani, Stratton Mountain School underclassman, educated thecompetition with his perfect blend of airs, spins, and lip tricks sealingthe first place spot in the skateboard component. Winner of Red BullSchooled 2003 skateboard component, Spencer Naess, blazed fast runs withtechnical prowess right behind Mitrani.

For a second year, Okemo Mountain School put Stratton Mountain School tothe test and, once again, Stratton blew the curve and took home a $2000tuition endowment along with the coveted Red Bull Schooled Trophy. Afterassembling the best team of male and female athletes in both snowboard andskateboard disciplines, Stratton gets the gold star.

Schooled 2004 Final Standings
Male Snowboard
1. Michael Goldschmidt — Stratton Mountain School
2. Pat Moore — Waterville Valley Academy
3. Ryan Hryckiewicz — Okemo Mountain School

Female Snowboard
1. Mary Sallah — Stratton Mountain School
2. Eliza Greene — Okemo Mountain School
3. Millie Chapman — Waterville Valley Academy

1. Luke Mitrani — Stratton Mountain School
2. Spencer Naess — Okemo Mountain School
3. Chaz Guldman — Waterville Valley Academy

Academy Team
1. Stratton Mountain School — Michael Goldschmidt, Luke Mitrani, MarySallah, Louie Vito
2. Okemo Mountain School – Spencer Naess, Lucas Magoon, Eliza Greene, RyanHryckiewicz
3. Waterville Valley Academy — Pat Moore, Matt Cohen, Mille Chapman, ChazGuldman