Stefan Gimpl Snags The Podium At

[slideshow=6483 autoplay=false] from September 26–28, 2008 – Europe's largest freestyle sports event

Words by Stephanie Weber and Fabia Grüebler

The highly anticipated 2008 event in Zurich City, Switzerland was a weekend to remember for freestyle junkies around the world. During the course of 3 days, over 48,000 visitors joined at Landiwiese for a 36-hour non-stop action packed party with blue sunny skies, amazing live bands and world class athletes competing in a slew of action sports.

In the snowboard world, shred stars such as Torstein Horgmo, Andreas Wiig, Hampus Mosesson, Eero Ettala, Scotty Lago, David Benedek, Mikkel Bang, Stefan Gimpl, Markus Keller, Peetu Piiroinen, and many more were throwing down on the big air jump.

After two days of competing, the rider list was trimmed down to a few aiming for the title. Risto Mattila, Hampus Mosesson, Stefan Gimpl, Peetu Piiroinen, Scotty Lago and Elias Elhardt all made the cut. Austrian Rider Stefan Gimpl threw down a big, smooth, stomped backside ten, a backside five stale, and a sweet, clean switch nine. Scotty Lago wasn't lacking style either with his backside seven melon and finished off with a super sharp backside ten.  But in our books, the man with true steez both on and off snow was Hampus Mosesson. Showing up fashionably late wearing clothes from the night before, he was showing off shifties like they were going out of style. He had his combos dialed including backside sevens and nines with some shifty time.

Scotty Lago, Peetu Piiroinen, Stefan Gimpl and Hampus Mosesson made it to the finals with only two runs each to impress both judges and crowd. In the end, Stefan took first with a stylish frontside ten, Hampus finished second with a backside five shifty, and Peetu claimed third with a smooth switch ten.

Before we call it a wrap on this event, we must give props to the crazy Swiss nightlife.  Zurich hosted some of the wildest after parties we have ever witnessed—three nights of sheer madness. 2008 definitely went out with a bang at the official Afterburner Party on Saturday night. Highlights like the movie premiere of Overseas by Pirate Movie Production and an amazing performance by Trouble Andrew who gave everyone a run for their money—literally.

1. Stefan Gimpl? (AUT)
2. Hampus Mosesson (SWE)
3. Peetu Piiroinen ?(FIN)
4. Scotty Lago (USA)