S.T.D’S In Killington

Gangs, crews, posses, squads, mobs, cliques, coterie and other French words that I don’t know about have been used to unify people who share the same interest into the aforementioned. In snowboarding we have seen many of these genotypes, there’s the 138 Crew out of Canada, the Grenade Posse, and the Trulli Clan from Finland just to name a few.

There’s over nine hundred more that’s ten thousand hardcore members counting affiliates and twenty thousand more not organized but ready to shred, can you dig it. One of the hardest of all the emerging riff raff is the S.T.D Family (Skate Till Death) out of Rutland, Vermont their turf includes the their lair on Pine St. and the greater Killington area. I was lucky enough to have not been gutted for my intrusion of their hood and was even given a tour of their humble abode.

Living there in the shadows I was introduced to the proprietors of the house. Graham Bayne brother of Jason Bayne organization/cleaner, Marcus Sweeney ciggs/booze, Jakke Sullivan front man of thrash punk/metal outfit Deathpact/shot gunning Cokes, Mikee Marusak street bikes/young wool. (Because of some legal issues many other Family members asked not to have their names or photos put in this piece)

The S.T.D Youth program is comprised of Lucas Magoon, Niko Cioffi and a whole litter of younger blood. These kids enjoy the spoils of life—good booze, good shredding, good skating and a lifetime of cigarettes. Any band that comes through town seeks refugee within their walls, thus enabling what could be called a “never ending party. For many it is hard to live this way, living out these excesses is not what your standard nine to fiver would deem appropriate.

We live in America and if you want to start your day with a couple of shots of Black Velvet whiskey before going to work at the Darkside Snowboard shop so be it. These kids are living fast and by no means will their legend die young.