Standard Films presents the teaser for their latest offering, Draw The Line. Featuring John Jackson, Jonas Emery, Mark Landvik, Jeremy Jones, Matt Hammer, Mads Jonsson, Eric Jackson, Kazuhiro Kokubo, Juuso Laivisto, Frederik Kalbermatten and others.

Mini John Jackson Interview:

What have you been up to all winter?

A lot of traveling, a lot of chasing snow.


Secret spots, can’t tell ya {Laughter}. No, a little bit in Alaska, a little bit in Canada. This year was my first year in the backcountry in Canada, it was sick up there. And always Tahoe, and Sonora. Spent some time in Idaho too, that was fun.

How’d the year go?

Good, I got a bunch of shit. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of natty {natural} shit. You know, weird creative stuff. It’s pretty much on lock. Pretty stoked.

Who’s going to have the banger part?

Freddy {Kalbermatten} always. {Mark} Landvik will have a good part, Eric’s going to have a sick part, Mads {Jonsson} is. Everyone’s got super strong parts. It’s going to be a good movie.

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