Spring Sinks In

During a filming session yesterday at Mammoth Mountain, CA, Forum Snowboards Am Niko Cioffi had a little snowmobile accident--luckily the only injuries were to Niko’s ego and bank account. Crossing open water on a sled can be done, but it's a little risky since 450 pounds of metal and plastic are built to sink, not hover. Niko learned the hard way when he sank his snowmobile in 8 feet of water. We tried not to tool on him and asked a few questions about the incident. Check it.

a good run!

Where did this water-crossing session go down?

Chair 4, What's good?

How big was the puddle/mini lake?

100 feet across and I sunk at the end--it was a good 7 to 8 feet, must've been at least 20 feet deep in the middle.

What do you have for a sled?

It's a 2008 Ski-Doo Summit 800. I bought it brand-new before this winter.

How many runs did you make through the pond before she sunk?

Well, on the first one I sank against the bank after making it across and hit the bottom and rallied out--then probably did like 5 or 6 runs before I sank it again.

Do you have to get the motor rebuilt?

I'm not sure yet, I just dropped it off at the sled shop. They said if I killed it before it sank I should be good, which I did. And I pulled the sparkplugs and drained a bunch of water out, so I hope it will be all good.

Do you still owe  money on the sled still?

Yeah, 5G.

Ouch. What are your plans for the summer?

Going back to Rutland and probably getting a s@*ty job and working.

Do you have footage in the new Forum movie Forever?

Yeah, I filmed in Norway and Quebec for Forever and these last 2 weeks in Mammoth. Mostly rails in the streets.

Someday you'll look back and laugh about this.

Yeah, I hope so. I'm pretty bummed right now.

photos: Forum Snowboards