Spring Breaking At South Shore Soldiers Camp

Jamie Lynn, Jimmy Halopoff, Shaun Palmer, Todd Richards Jason “The Bachelor” Borgstede; well, isn’t that enough? And Jamie was snowboarding. In fact, he was Cab fiving Playboy playmates, no less. For real! The day we showed up a Playboy shoot was in full effect. Yep, hot girls, and your favorite pro snowboarders decked out in goofy-ass gear. Sweet.

South Shore Soldiers went off and you all blew it. Seriously, forget about spring break in Cancun, Mexico next year Holmes, Halopoff’s camp banged all March. The terrain at Heavenly was real tight, with nice firm features versus the typical middle of summer camp slush. Boosty booter lines, plenty of rails, and one fucked up slider box (peep the photos). Jimmy’s camp is for eighteen-year-olds and up lookin’ to snowboard and party their spring break away. This is the funnest camp I’ve ever been too: the campers were stoked, and just about every pro dropped by for a visit.

Base camp is in the heart of Southshore/Stateline and your choice of Embassy Suites hotel or more reasonable Super 8 motel are both in walking distance of casinos and Heavenly?s new gondola.

Cross Stateline and the bars are always open. Of course you’ll want to ride the next day, so maybe just have a drink and take a mellow spin on the camp’s mechanical bull instead. Scratch that. “Mess with the bull and get the horns.”

This was Halopoff’s second year of camp and he really got it right. From terrain and entertainment to guest pros, Jimmy nailed it. Big ups to Heavenly Ski Resort for trusting his vision. Word.

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