SPRIINNG BREEAAK! Canadian style.

I might not be in school right now, but that don’t mean I can’t partake in the wonderful mystery of spring break. Admittedly, it has slipped by me for the past few years, but no, not this year, damn it! So as all the idiots packed their bags for Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm Beach, I jammed my snowboard gear in a rental car, got on the I-5 in Portland, and drove North—Destination: Canada.

Spring in British Columbia is as good as it gets. After an entire winter’s worth of dark days and puking Northern snow, the sun finally creeps out, and it’s like a miracle! Downtown Vancouver is covered in pink Dogwood blossoms, and up at the resorts, afternoon margaritas are being had on patios everywhere.

My five-day trip to the Canada was a definite celebration of spring, and of snowboarding. Hooking up with a fun crew was almost too easy. I drove to photographer Scott Serfas’ apartment in downtown Vancouver and picked up him and Jesse Fox for dinner at the top of Grouse Mountain in North Van. Paavo Tikkanen joined us and we all ate big, glancing out every now and then over the winking lights of shipyards and skyscrapers. Later it was back downtown to the Wild Cat haunt of El Furniture Warehouse for spring break debauchery with the likes of Rob Dow, Endeavor’s Max Jenke, and Jon Cartwright. The night actually ended in the wee hours of morn with a headache and a bunch of soupy memories. Good times!

With partying out of my system, I headed up to Whistler, rode some seriously buffed-out park, and went cat-boarding at Powder Mountain (Ken Achenbach of Camp Of Champs fame is a new owner of this op) with the Misscheif girls, including Natasza Zurek, Leanne Pelosi, Annie Boulanger, and Spencer O’Brien. These girls are in peak filming mode, with 6 am wake up calls, long days in the backcountry, and feverish discussions about the next day’s plans on the way down each afternoon. They’re upping the ante from last year’s video, for real. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Exhausted, goggle tanned, and sore, is how I dragged my Yankee carcass across the border and on home. Why is it that you always seem to come back from spring break more tired than you left? But it’s that good kind of weariness, isn’t it—exhaustion from doing exactly what the fuck you want, and nothing else.