Spent Tommy Czeschin

Tommy Czeschin
Interview by Andy Blumberg

In the brief history of snowboarders being paid bags full of money, plenty have been known to spend it on some pretty silly things. With little care in the world for the big payoffs, loot’s been dropped on temporary returns: cars, electronic gizmos, and fancy candy. Some have, uh, since smartened up.

Business name: Crowley Lake Wash All
Owner: Tommy Czeschin
What in the hell: Laundromat/car wash/public showers
Location: Crowley Lake, California
Purchased: May 2002
Number of washers and dryers: Seven top loaders, two double loaders, a triple, and seven dryers.
Hours of operation: Pretty much whenever people wake up and want to use it until the last wash at eight o’clock p.m., seven days a week.
Cost for a single load of laundry: A dollar-fifty, plus 25 cents for ten minutes in the dryer … maybe two-fifty.

TransWorld SNOWboarding: Tommy, so I heard you finally washed your hands of the whole operation.
Yeah, that’s correct. I sold Plaza Suds in Mammoth last summer, and then I’m planning to get my parents’ Laundromat down here in Crowley.

Is this where you got your nickname The Machine?
I don’t know where Mark Sullivan came up with that one. But it could be, partially.

What’s the most random thing for sale on the community bulletin board right now?
There’s really not too much on the bulletin board right now, but people put all kinds of stuff up.

What video games have you got?
I have Ms. Pac Man, Frogger, and Spy Hunter. I’m gonna have a sit-down car game, and maybe put in pinball, but I’m not sure.

Is this a good place to pick up chicks?
It might be, once it gets going.

Do you have pay-as-you-go toilets installed in your place?

What’s the largest pair of underwear someone left behind?
I really don’t look at the sizes.

Todd Richards once crapped his pants during a contest run at the A-Basin Body Glove PSTA. Has that ever happened to you?
I’ve never crapped my pants snowboarding.

Why can’t you use liquid dish soap to wash clothes?
I think that would be a bad idea, because it would just get soap everywhere and fill up the whole place in suds.

How many Danny Kasses can you fit into a bulk washer?
I don’t know, he’s getting pretty chubby, maybe one (laughs)

Tell us, how do you fix an unbalanced load?
(Laughs) Well, hopefully you have a newer machine that balances itself, so you don’t have to touch people’s laundry.

But in the case you don’t?
I do. I don’t touch people’s laundry.

Can you explain why one sock from every wash disappears?
That’s a mystery to me, also.

Any tricks you know to combat static cling?
Dryer sheets.

Do all your clothes smell April fresh, are they Snuggle soft?
I hope so.

Is cleaning the lint trap really important?
Very. It’s not fun, but you gotta do it, because the dryer won’t dry if the lint trap is full.

Do you offer fluffing services?
No, there will be no fluffing services available.

How much spare change do you find a month in the machines?
There’re some bills and pesos in the dryers sometimes. Maybe five, ten bucks a month.

Do you have to roll up all those quarters before you go to the bank?
Yeah, unless you have a scale, which I might get. It weighs every quarter, and then you just do it by the pound.

How much do your bank deposits weigh?
It depends on the week. Hopefully they’ll be pretty heavy.

Is this a good way to launder all your contest winnings?
It could be. I hope this will help me in taxes.

Do you have any animosity toward dry cleaners?
No. Here in Crowley we don’t have any. I’ve never even been to a dry cleaner.