Southshore Soldiers Camp

Southshore Soldiers snowboard camp at Heavenly Mountain Resort is in its fifth year this winter. It is the Spring Break snowboard camp experience. If you’re looking for a Daytona Beach experience on the slopes—you just found it. The Southshore soldiers host three camps during the primetime Spring break, when the skies are blue and the slopes are slushy in the High Roller California Terrain Park. TWS dropped in on the end of the last session and got an eyeful.

Within minutes of checking into the Motel 8 in South Lake Tahoe, we were standing in front of the legendary mechanical bull, beer in hand, headlights shining bright out at the stoked campers. The nightlife only got more advanced culminating in the ender at Club Altitude. But as much as Southshore is a party camp, the coaching and riding is really all time. I rode with Ben Wisner who’s been instructing for nine winters straight … like he hasn’t had a summer between Austria and U.S. winters in nine years. He’s a serious coach and damn if I didn’t learn a few things from him. Riders Wyatt Caldwell, Dirk Dye, and Jimi Tomer were showing the campers a thing or two. The coaching program is designed to accommodate all riders, from first-timers to experts. Campers are placed in small groups (about four campers per coach) based on ability level and instructed throughout the day and into the night with nightly video analysis.

Anyway, check the slideshow kiddies. Sorry I missed the oil wrestling party …