South America Snow Sessions, Argentina

La Montana is our Park. Cerro Catedral, Bariloche, Argentina.

Coach Andrew Burns demonstrating a lift shack hand plant.

Harry Sherman staying cautious with an ollie pop. Photos: Ashley Barker

South America Snow Sessions is a premiere backcountry-freestyle snowboard and ski camp based out of San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. Our goal is to train our army of campers to destroy the backcountry in every way imaginable, in a safe and positive environment. Our summer at South America Snow Sessions is going off! So far we've been shredding tons of deep pow, sick big mountain lines, backcountry booters, and a bunch of jibs. It's been totally unbelievable, and the campers have been killing it! We're happy to have some of the best groms in the country attending camp, including Jack Harold (12), Jacob Aaronson (13), and Shayna Aaronson (10). They have been learning some pretty ridiculous stuff in the backcountry, including some heavy lines, back rodeos, and even some sevens into pow. The SMS (Stratton Mountain School) crew has been down here as well, tearing it up hard. They've been taking their extensive park and freestyle skills and quickly learning how to use them to the world of backcountry snowboarding. Third session is just starting and it's been amazing so far! This is probably our best year yet, and its only getting better.

Photos: Ashley Barker