Sounds – Brain Lozenge

This Month: Some good old-fashioned heavy metal.


First Daze Here

Relapse Records

This album will kick your ass. I mean, come on, the name of the band is Pentagram-that should be all you need to know. In fact, I feel silly even writing anything else about it, but they tell me it's my job, so ...

At first listen you might think it's some long-lost Black Sabbath tapes-guitar riffs so filthy you're going to need a wet nap to clean up with, vocals that couldn't fit better if they had to. Even the drum chops will make the best drummers around scream, “F-k yeah!” The first line on the album is, “I'm running away with myself-I think I ran a little too far.” How great is that?

Rumor has it that this was a demo recorded during the late 60s only to be found years later by a fan in the basement of a record store (the owner of said store helped record it). No matter what year it was recorded, all the songs can go toe to toe with damn near anything written before or after. It might be a tough one to find-check or ask at your favorite local record store. This record should already be in your collection, so when buying it, say something like, “I wish everyone would stop stealing this from me.” Then do one of them fake laughs.