Souls On Snow

The snowboard community has been down with East Oakland’s Souls Of Mischief of Hieroglyphics for a long-ass time. You see the Hieroglyphics crew has had an impact within snowboarding since the early days—way back when Del was on the cover of infamous Blunt Magazine. The Souls Of Mischief themselves also graced early DUB outwear ads back in that brands glory days (when DC and Dub founder Ken Block still owned it). Most recently S.O.M. appeared in some ill Spy ads, remember? So why is S.O.M. so wrapped up in the snowboard game? Is it because they represent independent, underground hip-hop—or because “urban is in, and many pro shreds rock Timbo’s and jerseys nowadays? Well, that’s not a bad answer … but the truth is, the Souls Of Mischief like to get their shred on!

Yeah, you heard right, after a show at the Urban Lounge in downtown SLC, Utah, S.O.L. harassed MFM, Kurt Wastell, and Spy’s Chris Saydah into pulling together lift tickets at the Canyons and Park City (much love to Katie And Mangan), and rustling up shred gear from MiloSport. At two in the morning it was shredding, not groupies The Souls had in mind—or maybe it was both—I wasn’t around (haha).

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