Lots of kids want to make it in snowboarding. Some don’t put in the time and the effort, or maybe they’re not as good as they think. Bryan Fox is good, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes.


Age: 22
Sponsors: K2 Snowboards and bindings, Quiksilver outerwear and eyewear, and street clothes, Active ride shop, Volcano cones, Dakine
Home Mountain then: Snow Summit
Home mountain now: Mt. Hood Meadows
Board: K2 WWW, 151
Boots: Burton Jesse White’s
Bindings: K2 Formula
Forward lean: A little
Stance: Regular
Stance width: 22
Special tuning techniques: File my edges down for rails, I don’t worry about my powder boards--they’re right out of the wrapper.

Joe: Hello is this Bryan?

Bryan: Yeah, yeah. Bryan here.

Lets get down to business. Where did you grow up riding?

I Grew up in San Diego and rode snow summit everyday I could. Mostly with my older brother Steve, Keith Beckley, Mike Finn, Josh Paulson and the now famous Joshua Mills.

You and Josh moved to Portland when you were like 17 or 18? What made you decide to leave SD?

I rode the best park for years at Summit, and wanted to ride some powder. It was a nice little change.

At that point were you trying to make it in snowboarding or just have a good time with friends?

We weren’t training or anything, we just really enjoyed learning new stuff, and ended up riding with some guys who were making it in snowboarding. Darrell Mathes, Louie Fountain, Scott Wittlake, and Corey Smith--really dropping some names there. Anyway, they ended up helping us out a lot. Louie got me on K2 and Scotty convinced Neoproto to let me film for Some Kinda Life. Now Mills and I are filming for the new project, People.

What else influences your life and stuff?

My older brother Steve is a huge influence on my life and my snowboarding. When I was younger Keith Beckley and Mike Finn influenced me a lot, and of course Mills. After moving to Portland I was blown away when I first watched Scotty and Louie ride in person. They snowboard different then most people, they make it look really natural. Riding with my girlfriend Sally makes me look at stuff differently, she’s always just having a good time, skiing, snowboarding, whatever. Coming home from a trip and going riding with her is awesome.

Do you have any tips for kids who want to move?

Just go.