Sneak Preview Behind The Scenes of Revenge Of The Grenerds

With wordplay rivaling the cleverest porn-industry moviemaker, the Grenade Gloves crew has once again come up with a brilliant film-title knock-off for their latest video. That’s right: Revenge Of The Grenerds. Unless you’re my parents or anyone else who still can’t figure out how to program a VCR, you’d know that the previous two Grenade movies were Full Metal Edges (you gotta love Kubrick) and Night Of The Living Shred (Dave Schiff deserves full-time work as a horror-movie zombie).

Not ones to take a creative mission lightly, the crew came out in full force with multiple costumes, props, and personalities in order to recreate the box cover of the 1984 cult-classic Revenge Of The Nerds, as well as pulling off a music-video from the original story line. How do we know all this? Well, because we know everything. Yeah, and besides that, the Grenerds invited TransWorld down to their new design space in Portland, Oregon for a sneak peak at the goings on. Yup, shit was hilarious.

Without giving too much away and ruining the damn movie for you, here are some things that went down at this box-cover/music-video shoot-a-pallooza: Colin Langlois looked a little too natural dressed up like a nerd. Shane Flood was rendered nearly blind by his magnifying-glass-caliber fake reading glasses, and spent the better part of the evening standing against the wall squinting and blinking. Dave Schiff’s weird white belly peaked out under the half shirt that was part of his “Ogre” costume. Set visionary Aaron Draplin ran around barking orders and other things involving “running a tight ship.” Photographer Tim Zimmerman pushed the button, with brilliance. Hana Beaman coveted pom-poms for her cheerleader costume. Ahman Stamps looked frickin good in hot pink hot pants. Lane Knaack smiled and wore a sweater vest. Tim Karpinski fell off the stage during the music-video shoot and hit his head on a table. Bryan Iguchi wore an Indian chief costume for eight hours straight. Danny Kass chilled outside in the Grenade RV until his appearance was required. The night got hot–everyone probably sweated a little. The entire crew stayed till the job was done (3 a.m., actually), which was the most impressive thing we’ve seen in a while.

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