Skatepark at Stratton—The Bondville Bowl

After the East Coast’s most epic opening day, ever, guess what happened. It got warm. So warm that not only did all the real snow melt, but even the snow guns were rendered useless. The ski areas have been stressing and doing their best, and it sounds like the weekend of Nov 19th they will really reopen (and be thankful, just in time for Thanksgiving.)

But while snow shredding has been a little lacking, there is good news. The warm temperatures and sunny skies enabled the 5.9 crew to pour Vermont’s very first concrete skatepark in Bondville, right in between the bases of Stratton and Bromley mountains. And yes, you can almost see both of them while you are skating.

As if going to mountain school wasn’t sweet enough, the park is located next to the playground at the Windhall Mountain School on Route 30, about a half mile from the 7-11 where you buy your refreshments for the US Open. It consists of a 6 foot “snowman bowl with an over vert extension and a 7 foot section with pool coping. And if that sounds to gnarly for you, don’t worry. There is a flat bar and box in the parking lot.

The park was masterminded by the 5.9 crew out of Attleboro, Mass. (5.9, in case you are wondering is the alcoholic content of Natty Ice.) The park’s driving force, Smiley, however, lives right down the street and other local skaters did a lot of the grunt work and Breaking Ground construction did the actual pouring. The park was skateable Nov 3rd, but is still a bit of a work in progress while it is buffed, sanded, winterized and generally made to last.

Since the only thing you can count on the East Coast weather for is being uncooperative, the park will likely be filled with snow any day now, but at least this year when spring rolls around, they’ll be something to look forward to. So cross your fingers for a warm, dry U.S. Open.