Sitting Down With Flow Team Rider, Antti Autti

Antti Autti. His was the name on everyone’s lips this past season: Finnish boy wonder of the X-Games, Flow team rider extraordinaire, and reigning master of the 1080. At only 20, this kid has scooped up a gold medal in X-Games halfpipe and earned a spot on Finland’s Olympic Team. While stylishly rockin’ Misfits skull shoes he found in San Fran, crazy striped socks similar to the hat he wore during X-Games victory and a menacing skull t-shirt, TransWorld got to catch up with the soft-spoken and very chill Antti before he jetted to Mt. Hood to compete in the Abominable Snow Jam.

If you weren’t a snowboarder, what would your day job be?
Bartender. Or actually, bar owner would be better, but I’d be a bartender first.

What is your favorite drink?
Hmm … whiskey?

That’s a tough drink. Straight up whiskey?
No, scotch. Scotch … without rocks.

What has been your biggest splurge?
I bought an apartment with my winnings. But I guess I had to use some salary as well.

What is the worst fall you’ve ever taken?
It was off a backcountry kicker like, one and a half years ago. I hit the knuckle hard and really blew my knee.

Did you need surgery?
No, I got lucky.

What is the best part of your job?
I get to travel around the world and meet new people.

What is the coolest place you’ve been to?
Japan: the culture there is so different. It’s different compared to Europe and Finland and every other place.

I heard you just got a bid to the Olympics, congratulations. What was that like?
It’s cool. It’s never been, like … the thing that I want to do, but if I can go there, I’m gonna go and try to do my best.

What do kids do for fun in Finland?
Well, we drink and go snowboarding. With free time, probably just hang with friends and skateboard. On the weekends, we of course go to the bar and try to have fun.

What are you up to this summer?
I’m hoping to spend time at home. I just bought a place, so I’d like to get some stuff done there. I have to travel as well. I’m going to New Zealand, but that’s only in August, so maybe to France in July. I’ll try to just chill.

Any words of wisdom for all the kids out there?
Just don’t stress too much. Snowboarding, it’s all about having fun.

What music gets you pumped up?
Rock. I don’t really listen to anything else. Turbonegro is my favorite artist right now.

Antti Autti is sponsored by Flow, Billabong, Von Zipper, DaKine, Nokia, and Sweet