Sims Snowboards and GameWorks Team Up In Presenting a New Breed of Social Interaction.

Hot Wheels, by Fat World Productions
Day Tripper II: Still Trippin, by Room & Board Productions

October 23, 1997: GameWorks, the newest experience in entertainment, and home of the hottest virtual games will be hosting the Sims Snowboards video premiere. This amazing meeting of technology will take place on October 23rd, at the downtown Seattle GameWorks, located on 7th between Pike and Pine. The official Sims event time runs from 8PM to 11PM, though GameWorks hours of operation are from 10AM to 12PM. This is a free, all ages, open invitation event.

While the event warms up (7:30ish), the Sims pro team riders will be present for autographs, pictures, and interviews. Meet professional riders like: Allan Clark, Kale Stephens, Jeff Keetley, and others. Once things are heated up, videos will be playing, music will be rocking, and prizes will be going home with everyone!!

The end-all raffle will include prizes from Sims Snowboards, local snowboard shops, and GameWorks. Gift certificates will be supplied by the Cineplex Odion, Planet Hollywood, and the Levi Strauss Store. You can win a chance to attend the BEWI trade show in downtown Seattle, and so much more!!

The high energy snowboard videos will be shown on two huge screens, and on 64 TV monitors throughout the virtual arcade. Not only will you have the chance to view incredible snowboarding, but you will also be able to see into the future of snowboarding with the Sims technology video.