Shreddin’ The Rad

We get people writing us letters about how we don’t keep it real and how out of touch we are with “real snowboarders,” which is funny considering: A.) They don’t know us from a hole in the ground, and B.) These are the same people that complain when they see a trick in the magazine they can do. But yet, it made me think, maybe I am out of touch. Maybe all the world traveling and super pro hob-knobbing is taking a toll on my brain. So I decided to round up my friends and go hit the last day at Mt. Hood Meadows, document it, and let the world decide.

I mean, perhaps those guys who write in aren’t just jealous haters after all, maybe we need to run two-page spreads of pictures like these. I’m sure kids would be stoked if after mowing lawns for weeks to pay for their subscription, they got the first issue and this was on the cover. I know I would be. Look at that shit, do you have any idea how much fun those guys are having? They aren’t worried about “getting the shot” or any of that stupid bullshit we deal with.

But, at the same time, if we didn’t have all them pretty shots of people going huge and blue skies and yatayatayata, we wouldn’t have any advertisers, and without them there’s no magazine-since we can’t pay for it ourselves. And without the magazine, I couldn’t afford to go snowboarding on days like this with my friends who don’t even read it. So pipe down.