Shred Movie Premieres. Double Decade And Down With People

Last night was a big one for fans of and followers of snowboard action. Snowboarding's foremost movie-makers, Mack Dawg Productions, premiered both of their new releases at Oakley to a packed house of enthusiastic viewers. All the legendary pros, industry insiders, and scores of random O.C. chickens were in attendance to see the highly anticipated premier of Double Decade and also Down With People. Soon enough, these movies will be on your TV at home, where you will watch in amazement. These are some seriously sick flicks--both are, in their own way, excellent shred movies that masterfully capture the essence of current snowboard chaos.

Down With People

Was this supposed to be the warm-up for the big show last night? Well, it practically stole the show. Your mind will be blown when you see for yourself. There are brutal street shots, enviable POV pow slashes, hucking, wrecks ... all the stuff you want to see. Young bucks Austin Smith, Joe Sexton, and Curtis Cizsek produced sweet, solid parts while veterans like Jordan Mendenhall, Jon Kooley, and Louie Fountain slammed shit down with the prowess that comes form experience. Every few minutes, there was a load of powder being slashed into the camera lens, it had quite the effect; like, "I want to go ride!" The sheer quality of the riding, the laughs, clever edits and a general goofball tone of the film got the entire crowd screaming and cheering. You are going to eat this up.

Double Decade

The heaviest hitters in the sport--from the last generation, to the present--came out swinging in this movie that was part retrospective and all action. Opening with the sage words of legendary Jamie Lynn, DD blended the past 20-years of Mack Dawg movies with standout parts from the sport's legends and commentary from the innovators. I stuffed the microphone in Director Brad Kremer's face moments before the movie began and he said, "Being able to direct Double Decade with such an amazing crew of snowboarders and to have a really good snow year and for everything to come together--it was a dream come true. I am really honored to be a part of this film." Featured rider JP Walker, who appeared in both the original Decade film and this one added, "I'm extremely stoked to be in this movie, it's such a crazy milestone. It was awesome for me to come back to Mack Dawg and be able to film with my good friends like Jeremy [Jones]and Seth [Huot], so I'm stoked to see it and be a part of it." When the lights went down in the Oakley theater, the shit hit the fan. With guns like Devun Walsh, Jussi Oksanen, Andreas Wiig, Jeremy Jones, and on and on and on ... Double Decade is a "crazy milestone" indeed.