Shooter: Zach Hooper

My name is Zach Hooper, and for as long as I can remember I have been addicted to snow.

Being a transplant at age two from Southern California to Southern Colorado is what would change my life forever. My father ended up running Purgatory ski resort, which made nice for spending the majority of my childhood in an epic winter wonder land.

At the beginning of my teenage delinquent years my family moved back to Newport Beach California and at that exact moment snowboarding was taking off like wild fire all across the country. God I have to get back to the mountains.

After high school I ran back to Colorado as fast as I could. Working for various snowboard shops I eventually ran into Ryan Lougee who had a completely different perspective on the game of Snowboarding. Red Mountain pass and pre Silverton mountain sessions were born. Big ups to the original Cory Smith!

Durango Colorado just isn’t the illest spot to be if your trying get your shred on. So I decided to try Whistler and surrounding areas out for a couple of years. For all of you that haven’t been, and think that maybe it’s all a bunch of hype, lets just say you better bring you’re A game. Big ups to the Timber Ridge posse!

My lil bro Aaron had been posted up in Aspen all this time with Lougee getting their film on and had invited me down for a visit. Once I landed and walked out of the plane, I knew that I was not leaving anytime soon. Four banger mountains, back country galore, the X Games, lots of good people to shred with, and an actual mountain town where you can make a living.

Six years later and I’m still here in Aspen gearing up for this year’s season while my brother and others are enjoying the winter down in New Zealand, and South America. God I need to go snowboarding!