Shin Campos: He Sings, He Cooks, He Plays a Mean 159

By some turn of strange events, I’m speeding north on the 405 freeway in a black Volvo rental car with two Canadians: pro snowboarder Shingetsu Campos, and Paul Culling, the owner of Luxury Snowboards. We’re on our way from Newport Beach to Hollywood where we’re going to a Sunset Boulevard recording studio to “sing” on Biohazard’s new album.

No, to answer your question, none of us sing. But then neither do Biohazard. More frightening than the idea of singing is that it’s going to be on a Biohazard album. Have you heard Biohazard? They’re pretty serious about their music. But Shin knows Billy, Biohazard’s guitarist, and says the guy is really cool. Plus, the whole band is into snowboarding. So hey, if they snowboard they’re cool right?Paul and I trust Shin, but we’re worried. “What if we have to sing love songs to Satan and drink blood with the band?” Paul asks as we exit the Freeway onto Sunset. And it’s just what I’ve been thinking. Really, this is Hollywood. Anything could happen. Shin tells us not to worry that we’re going to meet Biohazard, not Slayer. This makes me feel a little better, but I’m still not sure. I mean Evan Seinfeld, Biohazard’s lead singer, looks like he’d just as soon kick your teeth in as get a new tattoo and there’s no more room on his fully inked body. What if we screw up the recording or something? They’ll kill us.

Shin isn’t worried. So Paul and I decide we’ll just deal with it. To take my mind off the pending doom that awaits us in the studio I start asking Shin some questions. For those who don’t know, Shin is one of Whistler’s ruling snowboarders. He came up in the Whistler scene four years ago and has been ruling ever since. He’s sponsored by Luxury Snowboards and he lives in Vancouver, B.C.