Shaun White scores X-Games silver in Los Angeles, California. Yes, Shaun beat out some heavy vert veterans with a run so sick that it even beat out Sandro Dias, who did a 900 in his run. As if a silver medal wasn’t enough, Shaun came really close to landing a 1080 the following night in the Best Trick contest. All you Shaun White fans were probably glued to the idiot box for this, but for those of you who were outside skateboarding or otherwise working on your shred skills and missed it, Shaun’s run consisted of lots of spinning: 5’s, 7’s, and front 5’s. Throw in some board flips and some some massive airs, and you have a second place run–no problem for snowboarding’s wonder boy.

It was his first of three runs that did it. He was tied for first up until PLG upped the ante in his third run. At that point, Shaun had already completed his third run and he was pretty happy to win silver. Did the skateboarders show any animosity towards the snowboarder for coming in and taking a medal? Not at all. They were giving him all the support that they give eachother. Shaun skates with a lot of the guys when he is home in Carlsbad, California. In fact, Buster Halterman thinks that someone like Shaun could help to bring more attention to vert skateboarding, which has lost popularity compared to street since vert reached its peak in the 80’s.

So, while all the other pro snowboarders are globetrotting to Mt. Hood, South America, the European glaciers, and New Zealand, Shaun got to stay home and skate. Will he lose his snowboard edge? Not likely. The sports are closely linked and according to Shaun’s mom, he’s heading down to New Zealand next. It’s probably safe to say that the next thing Shaun would like to cross off his list is an Olympic medal, and that’s likely what he’ll be working toward between now and Italy in 2006. After that, maybe Shaun will use his snow skills to get himself a skate big air medal in 2006.