Shannon Dunn’s P!Jamma Party 2003

Story By Fabia Grueebler

The world’s top female snowboarders gathered at Northstar at Tahoe on March 25-28, 2003 for the first annual P!Jamma Party hosted by Shannon Dunn.

The unique park and pipe event was designed to showcase the action of women’s snowboarding in a non-competitive arena. A number of female pro riders attended to show their skills: Torah Bright, Janna Meyen, Natasza Zurek, and Erin Comstock just to name a few*.

The girls traded tricks and pushed each other’s limits. “I want to give props to the girls who went off the most, but they all did,” Dunn said. “Erin Comstock proved to be the Queen Of The Fun Box, while Torah did sweet frontside railslides and Kim Bohnsack was ruling the jibs.”

“I was stoked to be part of the P!Jamma party and to ride such an awesome park set up, and just for us girls,” said Fabienne Reuteler, 2002 Olympic Bronze medallist. “Having fun riding with so many good girls and having long conversations at night definitely reminded me of PJ parties fifteen years ago! Hopefully the P!Jamma Party will be back next year!”

In her ninth month of pregnancy, Dunn couldn’t resist cruising around on a snowboard and enjoying the other girls rip. “The P!Jamma Party was a great way for these women to come together and it should be an annual event. These ripping girls are taking the sport to an entirely new level, and deserve more recognition and exposure for doing so,” Dunn said.

“For sure it was one of the best times riding this season,” said Leslee Olson. “It was so inspiring and fun and all the girls were cheering for each other. I hope we have more events like this one.”

“The P!Jamma Party made my whole season,” Tomo Yamakoshi said.

“We usually are travelling with Dudes only, so it was fun to get to hang out with girls only”, said Annie Boulanger. “The event’s ambiance was awesome: top females jamming together not stressing about a contest. Also, the park was perfect for the girls to have fun and to push themselves.”

The event also included a breast molding party in support of Boarding for Breast Cancer as well as photo shoots spanning day and night for various media coverage. The girls worked with photographers Jon Foster, Blotto, Taki from Japan, Vianney Tisseau of France, and Susie Floros. For video and magazine coverage, Tiff Jones from Hard Core Candy TV, Chaka from Burton and 411 video magazine, Surfer Girl magazine, Girls Kick Ass TV, and Freerun magazine all took part.

The girls received goodies from supporting companies such as Burton, Hurley, Nixon, MAC makeup and Puma.

From the feedback from the girls, the P!Jamma at Northstar was phenomenal. Hopefully the event will shift more of a focus on women’s snowboarding and the tradition started by Shannon Dunn will continue for many seasons to come.

*Other riders included: Fabienne Reuteler, Annie Boulanger, Lexi Waite, Victoria Jealouse, Tomo Yamakoshi, Leslee Olson, Kim Bohnsack, Anne Molin Kongsgaard, Roberta Rodger, Tina Basich, Barrett Christy, Megan Pischke, Kimmy Fasini.