Seven things you didn’t know about Scotty Wittlake

1. Scotty is not allowed in Canada- Due to a certain late night run in with “Johnny Law” he is no longer permitted to cross our northern border. But not to worry he found a loophole were about he can become a temporary citizen.

2. Scotty has had on the same pair of pants for a year- If you want to call them pants, they are held together by dirt and about seven loose threads. If you’re sitting close enough you can also smell them, kind of a weird garbage scent.

3. The right side of his face is all metal- After casing a jump at Mammoth last year Mr. Wittlake had to have the doctors reconstruct damn near fifty percent of that glorious grill. Don’t worry ladies it still as pretty as ever.

4. 100% of his royalties go to Food Not Bombs- Every dime from Shitcake’s new Lib Tech pro Model is donated to feed folks who cant afford to feed themselves. For more info check out

5. With the exception of his truck and snowmobile, everything S.E.W. owns can fit in a backpack- He pretty much has one set of clothes for the street and one for the snow. When traveling he just checks on his snowboard with boots strapped in the bindings (no bag).

6. Scott is more scared of his fans than they are of him- I have seen him freeze like a deer in headlights when approached by kids wanting autographs. Only to verbally abuse himself after they leave for not being nice enough to them.

7. He is hands down the most indecisive person on the planet- It took almost five months to choose from courting snowboard sponsors. Hell, it takes forty minutes for him to figure out if he wants to piss or not.