Seth Wescott Wins First Olympic Snowboardcross

Seth, the 2005 World Snowboardcross Champion, won all but one of his heats, and came from behind to pass Zidek about two-thirds of the way down the course in the finals.

The Olympics finally make sense to me. Congratulations, Seth.

Look for more coverage of the men’s SBX later. We’re off to the medal ceremony in Torino. Girls are up tomorrow, it’ll be another great day of racing.

SBX Results

1. Seth Wescott
2. Radoslav Zidek
3. Paul-Henri Delarue
4. Jordi Font
5. Jasey Jay Anderson
6. Jason Smith
7. Damon Haylor
8. Dieter Krassnig
9. Marco Huser
10. Francois Boivin
11. Tommaso Tagliaferri
12. Jonatan Johansson
13. Michal Novotny
14. Nate Holland
15. Hans Joerg Unterrainer
I6. Itaru Chimura