For the first time in Mt. Hood’s history a rider was given their own pro model camp session. Last week, High Cascade’s Session 4 (June 17-25) became the Scotty Arnold Signature Session. A signature HCSC camper T-Shirt and daily Scotty designed activities paved the way for one of the best camp sessions on record. An epic freestyle rap battle, a gigantic game of knockout on the Huckleberry basketball court, and the biggest game of dodge-ball to ever hit the HCSC dodge-ball arena were just a few of the highlights.

With support from a couple of Scotty’s sponsors like Salomon, Vans, Agency and Protec, over 200 campers were treated to a great week on Mt. Hood hanging out with Scotty and winning tons of free stuff: including a bunch of Arnie 5000’s (Scotty’s new Salomon model), Scotty’s signature Protec helmets and Scotty’s signature Agency bindings.

The fact that Scotty was unable to ride while at camp due to an injury sustained filming with Mack Dawg late this spring almost went unnoticed due to his entertaining personality off the hill. Plus he brought along friend and roommate Darrell Mathis to perform his on-hill stunts for him, telling the campers, “Tell Darrell to do any trick you want and he’ll do it… starting with the double-backflip. In addition, thanks to James Jackson and Pat Malendowski campers on-hill got to ride North America’s only summer super-pipe alongside Kier Dillon, and hit jumps with visiting pro Tara Dakides.

Anyone involved with Scotty’s Session considered himself or herself lucky, but the luckiest person of all was a camper from Tahoe named Johnny Lazzareschi, dubbed Little John. Little John sent in a freestyle rap video this winter to win a free trip to the Scotty Session, came to camp and then took home an Arnie 5000 for winning the Rap Battle as well.

The stage has been set for an even bigger and better Scotty Arnold Session next summer.

Here’s a little Q & A with Scotty:

Q: Scotty, what made you choose Darrell Mathis as your stunt double this summer?

A: Honestly I felt bad for the kid. He doesn’t have much going on so I thought I’d help boost his career… (laughs). Seriously though, he’s a great snowboarder and a great friend.

Q: Is it true that you can lyrically murder anyone from this snowboard game who steps to you on the mic.

A: That’s 100% fact. I’d lyrically slaughter anyone who steps to the S.C.O. Dub (laughs).

Q: Even though you couldn’t ride during your Session, did you have a good time?

A: (Burps) Yeah, High Cascade is always a good time. Plus the kids were all so cool. I was scared they’d be bummed that I was hurt…but everyone was so nice.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to eat when you’re at High Cascade?

A: Cobra Dogs. I eat two of dem-shits with cream cheese and two Redbulls. They’re so good.

Q: Rumor has it your Session is going to be out of control next summer, is this true?

A: That’s 100% fact. It’s going to be Bigger and Badder than ever before. Everything this summer will be ten times better next year, plus I’ll be shredding so all the on-hill activities will be off the meat rack.