School’s In For Summer

At some point you have to wonder why people even want to snowboard during the summer when the whole point of June, July, and August is to do all that fun crap you can’t do during the wintertime. Which is a valid point. And all we really have to say to that is, well, summertime snowboarding is something you can’t do in the winter, either. Slush all day. Perfect and perfectly consistent pipes, jumps, and rails. A block of solid days on the snow with no distractions like, um, school–or work. Everything soft and forgiving and eat-shit ready for you to try new tricks on. Your friends hyping you up and giving you pointers. And best of all–no pressure.

The summertime shred is basically a time for you to get comfortable on that thing you call a snowboard–and maybe even get ahead: learn a trick you never had a chance to dial ’cause you were too busy chasing powder or too scared to try it on the blue-ice vert walls of your local pipe. With that said, TransWorld polled a handful of pros riding at the Mt. Hood camps to find out what tricks they’re working on this summer. Remember, even if you’re already wicked, you never stop learning.

Laura Hadar: “Dial frontside boardslides so I can take them to street rails next winter. Get consistent frontside 540s and learn frontside sevens on the kickers.”

Matt Peterson: “Mostly working on comfort and style–and trying to dial all four 1080s of course.”

Leanne Pelosi: “Cab sevens on jumps.”

Travis Parker: “I mostly work on different variations of the handplant in the summertime because they are my weakness–also riding pipe, because that’s something I never get to do in the winter.”

Ryan Thompson: “I want to be the first person ever to do a triple-backy in the halfpipe.”

Jared Johsnon: “Switch backside sevens.”