Sauced Fee: Nitro Summer Camp

Located in the heart of the Alps Saas Fee, Switzerland is a breathtaking town where the streets are only populated by pedestrians or electric cars, that’s right no motor vehicles. So the air is clean, the pace slow and the people friendly. It’s also the home of Nitro’s Summer snowboard camp. Being the story hungry journalists we are here at TransWorld, it was our duty to go to this amazing Swiss village and report on the action.

I’ll start by introducing the players in this star-studded cast:Playing the role of Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas was Canadian Rube Goldberg. Despite shutting down the bar every night, they close at 5:30 a.m., and tending to the needs of the local women, Rube still showed up to slaughter the on-hill facilities daily at 8:00 a.m.. Next, playing Cheech And Chong were the dynamic duo of Ricky Tucker and Lane Knaack. Spending most of their time either sleepin or shredding I’m not quite sure if they ever figured out the whole jet lag thing. Shin Campos or the instigator, never actually doing any dirty deeds him self, but making sure everyone around him stayed thoroughly lubricated with high-octane Swiss drinks. Lukas Huffman filled the part of a Saturday Night Fever era John Travolta. During the day letting his riding speak for himself, while at night unleashing American Idol worthy dance moves on the floor of the local watering hole known as the Popcorn. And last but not least was the one, the only, Bobby Meeks, who came along just to add a little flavor. Little did we know that the flavor would leave a bad taste in the mouth of the local bartender when Mr. Meeks swooped up his girl. Honorable mention goes to Filippo Kratter and Tyeson Carmody who both did their own brand of damage on the small, unsuspecting town.

Taking two trams in addition to a crazy inclinator that cut through the middle of a mountain made every day an adventure to get on snow. Nitro’s owners Tommy and Sep were shredding right next to the team during the day, chilling next to them at the dinner table every night—very rare nowadays.

Night after night as the sun would set the crew would find their way to the Ambassador Hotel for dinner and drinks. That would usually lead to ideas like “hey it’s Canada day lets go get a bottle of (fill in the blank) ‘n celebrate.” Or “Today is July fourth where can we get fireworks?”

Oh—wait I gotta tell ya this story—okay, we decide pyrotechnics are in order to properly enjoy the fourth, so after a scavenger hunt through town we hear of a store that might have some. The lady at the front counter tells us to go upstairs and ask for someone named Gunther or some shit. We do and next thing you know, it gets all Fight Club. Weird secretive phone calls are made, then a man comes walking out of secret door to inform us he’ll sell us the goods but they are illegal. So, if the cops show up, we didn’t get them from him. After agreeing to the terms, he wisks Bobby into a sketchy little building crammed full of enough gunpowder to take out the whole town. Making our purchase of bottle rockets and firecrackers seem very anticlimactic. Still, we got our little slice of home when the sun went down without a cop in sight.

But it wasn’t just liver damage and explosives these boys were chasing. Once they stepped foot on the glacier, moves were thrown down. It might have had something to do with the fact that there is a t-bar servicing the pipe, jumps, rail garden, quaterpipe and hip, but no matter what time the bar every one of them boys was throwing themselves by nine a.m. It could be the view from nearly 10,500 feet looking over the expanse of the Alps that got everyone inspired. But hey, how the hell should I know?

Tell ya what I do know, snow is cold and white anywhere you go. So if your going to take a summer snowboard trip, why not do it somewhere that once you get off the hill a whole nuther adventure starts. To find out more info on the camp check out