South America Snow Sessions Update

After a full day of travel I arrived in Buenos Aires Argentina. Everyone here refers to it as BA and I can’t help but think they’re using the ‘ol standby abbreviation for Bad Ass every time. And it is bad ass down here. I got lucky though. It was super low tide up until about a week ago. Dirt in the base area. Rain halfway up the hill. But… then it started dumping, maybe three or four days before I showed up, and kept dumping and everyday is dick deep. Must’ve done something right.


SASS is set up in Bariloche. It’s a smallish town, and apparently the most popular destination for shredding in South America. So there’s mad people on the mountain. Last week was winter break so the resort was clogged with skiers. Seemed liked mostly skiers, but there were a lot of snowboarders in the mix too. Hell bats, all of them. Lots of loose cannons. Lots of looking out. Oh and all the school kids in the area have been out of class for the last six weeks due to the Swine Flu scare. So yeah I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve never seen a mountain with more people.


But, not many of them shred the trees. Not sure why. Maybe it’s all the stumps and fallen snags that threaten to end you. Or the creeks that you can fall in. Or the thick groves of bamboo that could swallow you. It’s a little sketchy in some spots, but sick in others. Everyone’s been comparing the trees to those in Japan. They’re perfectly spread out. The canopy is high. And the limbs are loaded with snow. Stuff of dreams.


And so is this camp. They got it figured out down here. The lodge is hella comfortable, the food is good and served up by waiters in shirts and ties. And all the coaches and guides are here to make it the experiece of a lifetime. So far it has been. Some K2 riders were here at the beginning of the week, and now DaKine is here, so I’ve been rolling around with them, getting into it from first chair to last. Today’s the first down day. It’s pissing rain outside. Word is whiteout up on the hill. Supposed to puke for the next three days. If you have the means to get down here, do. You won’t be let down. More on why, soon……

Or just come on down here and see for yourself. There’s still room in session 4 from Aug. 29 to Sept 7. Come hang for 10 days. It only costs $2375. And it’s worth every penny.  Log onto or email he’ll get you dialed.