Runway Films Update

The Runway crew is getting a taste of spring in Whistler, which is great because Whistler is where they will be filming in the park and backcountry for the next several weeks. The sun is finally starting to shine through the clouds that have swarmed the valley for the entire season. It hasn’t been so bad, Whistler made history by receiving over 45 feet of snow this year.

Apparently Whistler isn’t the only place to be in Canada right now, as Anne-Flore and Marie-France just got back from an epic trip to the interior BC where they were toured around by veteran pro Shin Campos. They reportedly lucked out with good snow and sun for two weeks, and got to shred some sick pow lines.

In other Whistler news, the Runway crew took Izumi Amaike sledding for the first time last week. She did great, although she did roll Leanne’s sled eight times. The same day, Runway filmer Jeff Keenan was showered in gasoline as he helped Leanne turn over a sled she flipped into a tree. Also of the sled nature, Runway photographer Christy Chaloux learned to snowmobile this winter, and in one incident was heard yelling, “I don’t like this after sending her sled off a seemingly gnarly cliff. And finally Natasza Zurek is spending some time at the body shop, since she put her snowmobile through her rear window of her new Toyota Tacoma just a few days ago.

Salt Lake City based Erin Comstock spent the last month hosting a crew of Finnish shredders: MDP filmer Jaakko, Finnish Photog Passi, and riders Eero and Heikki. Erin, being a great hostess, set up a badminton court in her backyard. Erin is working on fine-tuning her video part and is in Mammoth filming with Roxy this week.

And just a few doors down from Erin’s home in Salt Lake is a house that Lexi just bought with her hot boyfriend Marius Otterstadt. Lexi is took a week off to “make house and is just got back from a photo shoot in New York with Jacqui Berg.

Tara Dakides won the Roxy Chicken Jam slopestyle event at Park City last month, and has recently been filming at Bear Mountain and Mammoth.

Team K2 won the TransWorld Snowboarding Team Challenge recently. The prize: a trip to El Salvador. Team Salomon--represented by Jamie Anderson and Scotty Arnold--won the TransWorld Team Challenge Photo Shootout and the accompanying $10,000. Jamie was stoked to be home in South Lake, but immediately after the Team Challenge left to film with Tara and Desiree Melancon in Mammoth.

Spencer O’Brien just figured out how to get a real haircut. The one she got mid-season was a long-short. Apparently the hairdresser couldn’t see that it was as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, but thankfully she figured it out and looks as hot as ever.

The Beaminator (Hana) recently picked up her new V50 Volvo that she won at last year’s US Open. It has a Bluetooth phone so that you can talk and drive safely. This thing is pimp! She and Silvia Mittermueller are also two of the few females invited by the one and only Pat Bridges to the prestigious Men’s Superpark. Hana cut the superpark trip short and headed to AK with the Nixon team.

Laura Hadar has been chilling out in Salt Lake City for the last month, since she partially tore her ACL doing a 3-story bomb drop. She’s taking the time to work on her modeling skills. She’s the main focus for Oakley’s fall ad campaign, and she also plans to walk the runway for Nikita’s downtown LA fashion show. She’ll be back on her shred stick May 6th, just in time to do some product testing for Nike.

That’s the update for now; check back on for more news.