(Friday, September, 7, 2007) My apologies. I’ve got a laundry list of excuses why we don’t have a full report on the movie, la la Land. Here’s what I do remember, Jamie Anderson had an insane part. It was the first one we got a break from our paparazzi’ing to watch. Hana definitely got last part. Alexis Waite had a hot intro. Victoria Jealouse got mixed up with some slides in AK. Leanne banged out some hammers. Desiree Melancon and Laura Hadar got up to no good. In my memory I’m coming up with a collage of rails, bomb drops, and pow lines mixed with creative intros that didn’t overwhelm the movie.

Man, premieres can be the worst place to watch a movie–there’re so many distractions. This one was the best for other reasons though. Everyone was there, cheering, getting in each other’s way, bumping around, swerving through the crowd. It was a party atmosphere. Basically, while I can’t remember all the details, I do remember walking away with an impression that this movie had some great filming and editing, a banging soundtrack, and I had an intense urge to watch it again. Right now I’m wishing I had found a corner to hide in so I could have just focused on the movie.

What followed the premiere was the ultimate girl party—not the bowl of M&Ms style girl party, but the dancing, laughing, make-out kind of girl party–and the boys couldn’t get enough. For god’s sakes go get this movie and support what these women are doing. Someone new is heaping fun into snowboarding. Buy all the new videos an get a free subscription to TransWorld SNOWboarding by clicking the TWS Shop link on the top of the page.

Tour Schedule

September 27, 2007
Exit Real World, Portland, Oregon

September 28, 2007
EVO, Seattle, Washington

October 10, 2007
La Rumba, Denver, Colorado

October 16, 2007
ZJ’s Boarding House, Santa Monica, California

October 20, 2007
Eastern Boarder, Nashua, New Hampshire