Rossignol’s Projectour

Rossignol started off their Projectour Team Tour last week in downtown Montreal (which is in Quebec, which is on the East coast … of Canada.) Team Manager Patryck Bernier invited the TWS people out to celebrate the fifth annual premier at the Metropolis. You know–dance clubs ’til three in morning, “erotic sex” strip clubs on Saint Catherine. Or at least that’s what everyone thinks on the EC when get back from Montreal. High-fives come flying at you-woohoo!

Quebec kids love their pro riders, especially Rossignol French Canadian ones. Kids turned out to get some posters signed and check out Promo Copy and the compilation of footage of Rossignol team riders featured in the Lost in Transition, Positron, Promo Copy, and POP.

Mikey Rencz got all up in the mix too, apparently always up for a challenge on and off the snow, he’d been trying to keep up the partying with seasoned pro’s Alex Auchu, JF Pelchat, and Benji Ritchie. Let’s just say the previous night had been one big wreck section. Rossi riders are touring the country stopping in at your local snowboard shops, skating your skateparks, drinking your beer, and seducing your … nevermind. Come be part of the f-u-n at one of the stops. Maybe Team Manager Patryck will even teach you some of his hot dance moves on stage–hell yeah!

Seventeen Chances to Catch the Projectour
Montreal, October 01
Burlington, October 02
Boston, October 05
New York, October, 06
Philadelphia, October, 07
Toronto, October, 09
Detroit, October, 10
Chicago, October, 11
Minneapolis, October, 12
Debver, October, 16
Salt Lake City, October, 18
L.A., October, 20
San Francisco, October 22
Seattle, October, 25
Portland, October, 27
Vancouver, October, 29
Calgary, November, 02