Rossignol Riders Take Steps Toward Torino

Valle Nevado, Chile–Five of our riders have taken part in the two FIS half pipe contests : Cécile Alzina (Fr), Doriane Vidal (Fr), Gary Zebrowski (Fr), Micael Lundmark (Swe), and Mathieu Crépel (Fr).

Doriane Vidal and our new international rider Mathieu Crépel made their marks during the two half pipe FIS World Cups in Valle Nevado, Chile.

During the two World Cups, the silver medal from the last Olympics in Salt Lake City, Doriane Vidal sent a strong message to all the riders finishing each time at the second place. She threw huge airs and some nice and well executed spins. (frontside 720 and cab 360).

On the men’s side, Mathieu Crépel finished 2nd from the second contest. His run was incredibly technically oriented as well as executed with a huge amplitude. Check this out, he began with a backside air followed by a rodeo 1080, haakonflip 720, rodeo 720 and Haakonflip 1080 in the end. Mathieu and Doriane are now clearly the leaders of the French half-pipe team.

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