Rome’s Premature Jibulation

When December hit it brought with it heavy rains and mild temperatures, any snow the resorts had up until this point was washed away—threatening Ontario’s first major snowboard event; The Rome Premature Jibulation to be held Saturday, December third. As luck would have it temperatures dropped below freezing on Thursday evening, and Mount St. Louis kicked their snow guns into overdrive and it was on.

The event featured line consisting of three rails—a fifteen foot down rail, a twenty foot long, six foot tall, double barrel rail, and a flat-down-flat coined “Your Mama. To start the day off, we were greeted by some lazy eyed riders in the parking lot at 7 a.m. where they had attempted to sleep in their cars after traveling almost eight hours from the Tremblant area. These guys were more dedicated than the rest of the 150 riders from North Bay, Barrie, Collingwood, and London and proved to be contenders in the field. Mount St. Louis was on top of things, and a crew was manicuring the course throughout the day. Ski patrol had their hands full, whisking away carcasses of the first jib session of the season—riders were slamming into the rails like they were line backers. A mandatory helmet rule allowed for some to rise from the dead and pile-drive again. After placing all the riders into four separate heats we cranked up the BBQ, blasted the iPod, and attracted a crowd to join in on the celebration. Want energy beverages were given out, and getting kids hopped up hiking back to the top. After the qualifiers, the field was widdled down to forty men, eight women and a handful of groms for a 45-minute jam session to determine the finalists.

By mid day, the weather had brought in a good dumping but this didn’t stop the finals from getting underway. The top four women, one grom, and twenty men were in the finals with twenty-five minutes on the clock. All four women were solid but Natalie Gough clinched it with a nose slide, 50-50 to fakie on the down rail, and also stomped a 50-50 to boardslide to fakie on the kinked, “Your Mama rail.

After the twenty five minute final were up there were five names on the judges sheets and there was much discussion about who should be in the top three. Honorable mentions to Dan Robertson in 5th, and Chris Powling in 4th. The always fashionable and uber smooth operator Brad Gauley took 3rd with nollie tail presses, frontside lip 270’s, and frontside 180 switch 50-50’s to fakie.

A young ripper made his way into the finals and into the top three. After a consistent day of amazing riding, he amazed the judges and even his brother with his progression from the previous year. Congratulations to the 14 year old Scott Brown on his 2nd place finish.

The winner was an easy pick as he was the only one gapping and spinning out of the “Your Mama rail—Parker Ferguson. He spent the first 15 minutes getting the speed right gapping into front boards and then dropped in with less than five minutes to spare and back lipped the first down rail, noseslide pretzel on the second rail into a cab 270, front board, 270 out on the “Your Mama rail. The event was a smash—big thanks to everyone for coming out.