Rome/Bluebird Premiere

The dirts converged at the Modus Bar in San Diego last night to check out the latest video offerings from Rome SDS and Bluebird Wax. I got there late. Missed the movies. Was momentarily bummed. But it ended up working out in my favor. As it turns out, just before we arrived the place was at capacity and they weren’t letting anyone in. Free beer will have that effect.

Anyway, after a few minutes of confused stumblings and mumblings out front we were let in and set free to further catapult ourselves toward debilitating hang overs. When in Rome (premieres).

Luckily they decided to play the movies again. We walked in right as the Bluebird movie was starting. And although my memory of the movie isn’t exactly crispy, I do remember being impressed by this movie. It’s really just a homey video, but all the homeys are some of snowboardings best and most belligerent.

And now for the name drop. The cast included Jeff Kramer, JJ Thomas, John Makens, Kurt Wastell, Colin Langlois, Forest Shearer, Jamie Lynn, Adam Dowell, Bryan Iguchi, Chad Otterstrom, Mike Parillo, Kyle Clancy, Rob Kingwell, Mark Carter, Marc Frank, Travis Rice and the man behind the movie and Bluebird Willie McMillon.

The movie follows these dudes around their local haunts. There’s rafting, bridge jumping, shooting, and do all kinds of other shit that complements snowboarding. It’s a raw portrayal of everyday life for the Bluebird crew and that’s it.

Willie McMillon has strong opinions and never holds ’em back. He told me kind of hates where snowboarding is right now. Not the act itself, but all the contrived shit that’s permeating it, like the images and egos and all that extraneous non-sense that really doesn’t have much to do with riding a board.

“I’m sick of people being fake,” said Willie. “I just want more people to be themselves and do what they do and say fuck it and be like ‘this is who we are.’ And that’s what we wanted to do with this movie.”

Willie McMillon

And they did a fine job with their film. It makes you want to shred mountains and shoot guns and jump in rivers and basically binge on all those things that make living in the mountains so rad. It made me want to move back to Montana.

And then came Rome’s No Correct Way.

At this point in the night things were really starting to get soft around the edges. Again, memories are unreliable, but my gut got that funny feeling and I don’t think it was from the whiskey. The Rome team did it again. LNP one-upped himself. So did MFR. And Eiki Helgason got the ender. And while I might not be able to recall all the subtleties of Cavan’s edit, I do remember there was some really psychedelic shit, a lot of bangers and when it was over I wanted it to start again.

In anticipation of this very scenario, I fired a few questions at Cavan a couple days before the premiere.

John Foy (left) and John Cavan (right)

TWS: Define No Correct Way.
Cavan: As far as simply the title goes it’s Snowboarding, any way and every way
possible. As far as the movie goes it’s progression, it’s raw, it’s all
kinds of snowboarding, it’s travel, it’s fun with friends, and it’s not
being told by anyone how to do your own thing.

How does this movie compare to Any Means?
This is an evolution, We spent a lot more time in the backcountry, I think
we all worked hard this year trying to push things. Last year we kind of
came out of nowhere and no one had any expectations. This year there were a
lot of expectations so we worked almost twice as hard to raise the bar. I
think there’s some insane rail stuff in there, last year there was a lot of
big stuff, but this year everything is so much more tech. With everyone
going into the backcountry this year we evolved as a team a lot more as
well. We tightened the production side of things up a bit, but at the same
time not losing that gritty real feel that is Rome.

Who are your influences when it comes to filmmaking?
The Garden, Roadkill, Subject Haakonsen, anything Whitey or Hoystnek did.
I’d be lying if I didn’t say we watch a ton of skateboard movies. I think
the Lakai video or the Baker video was on constant play this year. I still
really like Sorry. I’m really stoked on the People movies and the Kids Know
videos, they both make snowboarding look cool. Basically anything that makes
us try to progress, but at the same time keeping the real feel so it seems
like you’re there. Oh yeah and I think Curt Morgan is on a whole different
level than pretty much anyone else making snowboard movies these days and it
motivates me to know that the loud mouthed dude from Albany I met years ago
is flying around in crazy helicopters filming the best rider in the world. That’s pretty awesome.

Eiki Helgason (left) and Rome TM Ryan Runke (right)

Who has stand-out parts?
Well it’ hard for me to pick a couple, but for sure Eiki Helgason has some
crazy stuff both off backcountry jumps and street rails, he’s a really well
rounded rider. Marius Otterstad just worked his ass off all year and ended
up with a really strong part. LNP is just fun to watch snowboard, he has
some super tech rail tricks, but then just interesting looks at rails and
spots that people have seen before, it’s refreshing. Bjorn filmed for two
movies this year and his part is still a banger Bjorn part so that is
exciting, but for me the two parts that stand out the most and it’s because
I know the back stories, have to be MAX/YAN’s part and MFR’s part. Max and
Yan are just non-stop comedy and this year they not only killed it on the
street rails, but they spent a ton of time in the backcountry so I was
really hyped on that and I think their part has so much energy and
character. MFR came off a year where everyone was looking to her to see
what she was going to do next and she quietly did her own thing and really
just cruised in the backcountry all year with us. I think her part is just
as strong again, but it’s predominantly powder riding which isn’t easy to do
your first real year on a sled, but most importantly again I don’t think her
part is just “pretty good for a girl” I think it stands it’s own with all of
the dude’s parts.

Marie-France Roy can ride and raise hell better than you.

What was the best trip of the season for you?
Kind of a toss up, I had fun again in Quebec with everyone and I got to see
Will Lavigne do some crazy shit, I had a blast in the Upper Peninsula with
Yan and LNP just shredding the city, I also really enjoyed going on the bus
trip especially getting to see Johnny Paxson and Johnny Lazz shred. We drove
with Will, Eiki, and LNP from Superpark to Echo Mountain to meet MFR and some
Ams and that was pretty eventful. But overall the best times we had were in
Revelstoke BC, we rented a house there and the whole team lived together. We
filmed, hung out, went to Stokers, just did our thing for a while, that was

And lastly, why no premiere in Tijuana this year?
Oh man, I don’t know, that was a little hectic last year. I would’ve gone
back though…who am I kidding I’ll probably go back anyways…..these will
probably be the last words of a kidnapped gringo…..

Cavan and MFR hailing a cab to Tijuana.