Rome SDS Premature Jibulation Contest Dates



Here at the Rome SDS, we understand that empty feeling you haven’t been able to explain this past spring, summer and fall. Something really important has been missing from your life. During this anxious period of pre-winter time where we watch dustings come and disappear, we all chomp at the bit for the real snow to arrive so we can get out and shred. With this in mind the Rome SDS is proud to announce the 6th Annual Premature Jibulation.


The Premature Jibulation is an open to ALL snowboarders event series that will be held across North America just as the mountains are opening, to give you that early jib fix you’ve been craving. So check the dates, call your friends and pack a car to get your hands on some free hot dogs, Rome schwag, a chance to win a Rome boards and some bindings and most importantly, early season shred.

There’s no entry fee, but some mountains require a ticketing system, so be sure to contact your local hill for all the details. Also, you must be 18 to sign a waiver on your own, so if you’re younger and showing up alone, be sure to email to get your hands on a waiver you can bring to the event pre-signed.

Keep an eye on, and for more happenings and updates on the Premature Jibulation.