Rome Pro LNP Talks Summer Skate

Laurent-Nicolas Paquin (LNP) is a raw shredder from Québec : Heavily skate influenced and on his own program. He is pro on Rome and has weird beards. Yes, everyone knows this is a snowboarding website. Summer is here though, skate time …


You spend your summers in the East?

I live in Charny on the south shore of Québec City, with my parents!

Got any trips planned for the summer?

Yeah—it's like a two-hour drive to go skate at a park. I'm also going to Camp Of Champions in Whistler.

What would your dream skate spot look like?

I would have a good flat and round bar, smooth ground, a Jersey barrier, some cool quarterpipes, a double line of perfect boxes and some polejam … kinda like a ghetto spot.

How much is skateboarding an influence on your riding?

A lot. I pretty much skate all summer, everyday and watch a shitload of skate movies all year. I've always skated and love skateboarding.

What are your favorite skate tricks?

Wow! That's a tough one. On rails I like crooked grinds and noseslides. Flipwise : 3 flip, hardflip and kickflip.

Who's your favorite skater?

Tough one again—So many good skaters ! The list would not end. Slash, Richie Jackson, Jimmy Carlin, Andrew Reynolds, Jim Greco, Leo Romero, Lizard King, Billy Marks … I could keep going for like 4 pages.

Do you hit street rails on your skateboard?

Not too much. There are not a lot of good skate handrails and I'm more of a flip-line-boxes dude. We have a good spot which is a ghetto spot with a flatbar and a up-ledge and smooth ground, so I skate there a lot and do lines and stuff.

Who do you usually skate with?

All depends—I'll go shred the mini ramp with Alex Cantin, Louif [Paradis], my friend PJ,  and Marco. If its more street, its with Roby, Max Houde, David and Alex, who films.

What bands are you listening to this summer?

I got back to my old heavy metal roots—no more hippies shit! Well,  hippies are still cool… Got back into Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Warhorse, Witchcraft, Misfits, Mercyful Fate and a lot of other, really good bands, like Iron Maiden and Saint Vitus.

What other secret sh#t are you up to?

I'm trying to build a pirate ship to go and do some pillaging on the sea. Trying to find a good song for my part, buy a car, maybe move from my parent's house and plenty of crazy secret shits.