Robot Food Premieres After Lame In San Diego

The After Lame premiere went to head-to-head with a big Mack Dawg/Absinthe Productions showing over an hour north at Oakley headquarters, but plenty of peoples showed up to watch the Robots dance around on the silver screen at Spreckles Theatre in downtown San Diego. The likes of Andreas Wiig, Charlie Morace, and Scotty Arnold were around, and of course Robot heavyweights Chris Engelsman and Bobby Meeks.

Jess Gibson, Pierre Wiik and the boys put together a documentary-style, director?s cut version of a snowboard movie with After Lame: lots of behind the scenes interviews, stories, and commentary on a season in the life of a film crew. The video ain?t without some extra shiney moments: Josh Dirksen straight-lines a giant mountain in Alaska. Scotty Arnold wrecks rails all smooth and stylish. Hampus Mosseson jumps into powder at Smiley Creek. And at the end of the day, you really remember what it?s like to rally around a resort with your friends and goof off.

Everyone walked a few streets over to the Star Bar after the movie, where an overly ambitious bouncer gave everyone guff on the way in and reminded us all why we love downtown San Diego and meatheads in general.