Ripzone Big Air

The Ripzone Snowboard Invitational Big Air went off Saturday night incorporating snowboarding with not one, or two, but at least five halftime shows complete with dance troupes on the DKNY stage, break dancers on the deck of GLC, and random hip-hop and deejay acts. The intermissions broke up, I guess, the expected monotony of the likes of MFM, Chris Dufficy, Paavo Tikkanen, and Iikka Backstrom hitting the nighttime jump. If that wasn’t distracting enough, try the simultaneous game six of the hockey playoffs with Calgary up 3-2 to Vancouver in the series tied at four even in the finals. The Canadians were extremely over-stimulated that night.

In the finals, Vancouver beat out Calgary in triple overtime with a riveting goal by…oh, I mean the ’04 Scandinavian Open Big Air Champion Roger Hjelmstadstuen took his second big air title of the season winning with a solid cab 9. Roger had tried a cab 10 earlier in the night getting the rotation around but ending up in a penguin slide down the slushy landing. Mike Page took second with a switch backside 7 and Marc Andre Tart’s cab 1080 to iffy landing sealed third for him. The three podium riders coincidentally also happen to be the first place winners from the last three years-statistically improbable, but the truth.

Other highlights of the night were Chris Dufficys big and clean cab 9 and hometown hero Tyler Massey’s solid cab sevens, look for more of this kid in the future.What did the Canadians think of the finals? Well Shin Campos was stoked that Vancouver won and Leanne Pelosi was so bummed for Calgary. The Supersuckers took the stage after that and the Kokanee was flowing freely.

In other somewhat related and more timely news, filmmaker Lauren Graham who last year entertained us with her womens’ snowboard film “Shot In The Dark won the Telus Filmmaker showdown with her submission “Insert Meaning Here”. Well done Lauren, well done.

Mens Finals
1. Roger Hjelmstadstuen
2. Mike Page
3. Marc-Andre Tarte
4. Neil Connolly
5. Guillaume Morisset
6. Chris Dufficy
7. Justin Lamoureux
8. Travis Williams
9. Mike Osachuk
10. Henki Oedegaard