Riding With My Homey

How do you lure a hip-hop icon away from a Gangsta’s Paradise to little mountain towns in the winter? You don’t need to. A mountain with snow is all it takes. With some help from Jackson’s Front St, Coolio ‘Rolled in with his Homies’ to Teton Village for a quick show at the Mangy Moose and of course, to make a few turns.

Throughout the show, the banter between beats and beverages centered on the rooms one love. Shredding the Gnar. Coolio talked about giving up on the tabletops after a 50-footer left him with knee troubles. Props were passed out to his board sponsor, Inca, for cutting down on chatter in the flats. There was no hating on skiers, who were included in the banter for not being so lame after all. And some real mountain ladies, as he called them, were brought up on stage to shake what their riding gave ’em.

How long have you been riding and when did you get started?

Bought a house in the mountains close to the resort and would go up to drink, party. Then I’d look out at the mountain and see people having fun in snow, I wasn’t and I got pissed. So then I thought, ‘I got to go learn something.’ Went out took a lesson, rode 3 days straight. And I was hooked, I’ve been riding 10 years straight now. Just learned to grab this year. I can do an indy, tail grab and am working on a nose grab.

What did you think of Jackson Hole?

Pretty good, Got to bring my own board next time, the boots hurt, and I needed my own stuff. Got some turns in. But, you know how it is, you need your own stuff. By the second run it felt better.

What mountain do you consider home?

Snow Summit, Big Bear

On stage last night you said that you have a board sponsor, how did that happen?

Yeah, Inca. Met a guy who works for them, one of their representatives. He gave me a board and I started riding it. It is dual-camber, been riding the same board for 7 years, I swear by it.

What do you like about touring in the mountains?

Know what it is about the mountains? People are not pretentious. What you see is what you get. It is a simple lifestyle. Some people have lots of money, I mean lots of money, some have none. It is a diverse lifestyle. People move here from all over with all different backgrounds to live in these mountain towns. That’s cool.You snowboarders are good shit. I used to diss skiers, but some of them are pretty bad ass too. But, to be a snowboarder is the ultimate shit. Hella cool. Think you are cool, say you are cool, but if snowboard – that is it.

Where else are you riding this winter?

I’m gonna ride a lot in California this winter, we have great snow there right now. When I get back I’m going to Mammoth.

Are you doing a show there?

Just going to ride to my heart’s content. Going to stay with some friends in their house up there. And have a good time. Then probably back to Colorado in the spring, but won’t be able to ride as much because I’m starting a new movie and have a new album coming out this spring.

What is the album called?

The Return of the Gangsta

Future Ski Town Dates

Breckenridge -- Monday – Dec, 27
Steamboat -- Tuesday – Dec, 28
Vail -- Wednesday – Dec, 29