Rice Wins Quiksilver Natural Selection

The inagural Quiksilver Natural Selection competition came to a close on Tuesday in Casper Bowl and the hometown hero, and brain child of the event left with the title, a bison skull trophy and 18 G’s.
Not bad for a day spent freeriding in Jackson Hole’s Casper Bowl.
Fellow Jackson loc and Rice’s own cronie Mark Carter took second place and DCP finished in third.

The overall scores were decided by combining the rider’s scores from the first day of competition in Dick’s Ditch and the second day in Casper.

And with the skies finally clearing Tuesday morning the conditions were epic or all-time or legendary, you choose the superlative, because simply put; shit was good as it gets.

Watching the contest was essentially like watching a film shoot with 18 of the world’s best all-mountain freestylers. Each dude found his zone at the top of Casper bowl, some built little jumps off  cliffs, or hips over spines, or others would just get loose down some sketchy looking line and make it look like like, well, it does in the movies. Few fell. Even with more than two feet of fresh snow the dudes managed to stom it all.
The conditions were perfect, the event was running smoothly and morale was high.

“It isn’t like a contest at all. It’s just snowboarding and everyone motivating each other to do more,” said Romain DeMarchi.

Each rider was given two runs in Casper Bowl, and like in the ditch there were no warm-up laps, everyone had to drop cold and find their line. And if all the hoots that echoed through the bowl during each and every run were any indication, it’s safe to say, every rider did a damn fine job for themselves.
And as Romain said, the vibe was more about commrodery than competition. Which seemed to push everyone and snowboarding a little further.

Riders did their lines, inspired others, everyone built on what everyone else did and at the end of the day it was obvious that they’d all been a part of a session like no other.

It was one for the books and snowboard competitions as we know them are sure to change because of this event. Being there to witness it all was like watching what’s to come. This is how snowboarding and competitions will evolve.