Return To Winter

Canadian shreds mine the Pemberton Ice Cap for an August snowpark.

June is usually when I start daydreaming of warm water, perfect empty waves, and Coronas from Pedro’s Bar And Grill. You see, for eight months of the year, I travel around the globe with the best snowboarders in the world searching for the season’s best snow and most unique terrain. But when summer rolls round, it’s time for a break. Ditch the soggy boots, throw away the smelly gloves, and forget all about snow for a few months.
But this summer was different. In August, I invited a small group of friends from Canada to come camping with me in the British Columbia backcountry in hopes of creating a unique snowboarding story.
On August 11, pro snowboarders Johnny Lyall, Dustin Craven, Mikey Rencz, and Logan Short met Oakley’s Derek Heidt and me at the heli pad just a few kilometers north of Whistler. From there we flew twentysomething miles to the middle of nowhere to meet our guides Dave Mills and Trevor Breomer of Whistler HeliSledder.
Whistler HeliSledder specializes in all-season guided snowmobile tours on the glaciers of the Pemberton Ice Cap. It was at its base camp that we set up our own camp, complete with precooked butter chicken from VJ’s, an 80-gig iPod with remote speakers, two BB guns, and countless other things we had decided we couldn’t live without for the next four days.
Each morning we set out on snowmobiles and made our way around the Ice Cap, dodging massive holes in the glacier in hopes of finding something worth photographing. This is what we found.