Retards Riot in Burlington

When 93/94, and a company like doo-zee that makes 40 oz. cozies sponsors a snowboard party, it’s going to be a good time. On September 30, the Fourth Annual Fall Down certainly delivered.

After all, when you take three of the latest snowboard videos—Smell the Glove, The Community Project and Burton’s Process 4, screen them at a drive-in movie theater outside of Burlington, Vermont and throw in a mini ramp for good measure, you really can’t go wrong.

It’s no surprise that snowboarding’s finest would attend; of course you had the Grenerds—Danny Kass, Dave Schiff, Shane Flood, and Kyle Clancy among others. Then there was the Vans RV that rolled up with Hana Beaman and Scotty Arnold. Ross Powers was there, as well as local heavyweight Lucas Magoon. Actually Lucas is kind of a lightweight, but cut him some slack, he’s only sixteen.

While the videos rolled on the big screen, BBQ’s raged and the mini ramp sesh raged even harder, so hard in fact that the makeshift extension was destroyed; but that didn’t prevent the Ludlow crew, Jerry Tucker and Travis McCormack, from getting ‘er done.

After the credits rolled on Process 4, the party moved downtown to Metronome where Death Pact, Blood Wolf, and Retard Riot were setting up. Considering Retard Riot’s guitarist Kyle Clancy was waiting in line and had forgotten his ID, things weren’t really going that smoothly. But once the crowd arrived, the death metal got rolling. Two-dollar PBR was the beverage of choice and Burlington once again proved that it knows how to party. See ya next year!