Red Bull Schooled Back in Session

Waterville Valley, New Hampshire — February 23, 2004. Red Bull Schooled isback in session for the second year on Saturday March 14, 2004. Red BullSchooled has enrolled the honor roll of snowboarding to compete among theirpeers. While most competition focuses on older established professionals,Red Bull searches deeper and delves into the untapped resource of highschool age athletes.

The Northeast is known as the breeding ground of professional snowboardingwith the largest number of snowboard specific schools in the US. Unliketraditional schools, these students often begin their careers while stillcompleting their tenure, sometimes beginning competing at the pro andOlympic level in their sophomore and senior years.

Red Bull Schooled couples sister sports snowboarding with skateboarding.The traditional super-pipe has been tweaked with urban obstacles to mirrorthe current state of the sport and a five-foot mini-half-pipe will be setup at its base.

Exclusively open to snowboard academies, 10 teams of 4 athletes have beeninvited to compete on the snow super-pipe. Each team consists of one malesnowboarder, one female snowboarder, a snowboarder that skateboards, and askateboarder. Teams will compete in a best of three run scenario, with thelowest scoring run being thrown out. Judging will be based upon threeelements: technical expertise, use of course, and style/expression. Judgesinclude IJC (International Judging Committee) officials, famed streetskater Danny Supa, Mike King of Academy Snowboards and Osiris, and the MCstyling’s of 93/94’s Carter Olcott…and perhaps a few surprise cameos.

Stratton Mountain School took first prize as Highest Scoring TeamSnow/Skate at Red Bull Schooled 2003. No surprise to anyone there, with ateam consisting of amazing athletes Luke Mitrani, Tyler Emond (who alsotook the prize for Highest Scoring Male Snowboarder), Lindsey Jacobellis,and Mike Goldschmidt. Other winners from last year include Hannah Teter(Highest Scoring Female Snowboarder) and Spencer Naess (Highest ScoringMale Skateboarder).

Winners will be chosen and prizes awarded as follows:
Highest Scoring Team Snow/Skate: $2,000 tuition scholarship
Highest Scoring Male Snowboarder: 2SI surfboard
Highest Scoring Female Snowboarder: 2SI surfboard
Highest Scoring Male Skateboarder: 2SI surfboard

Come out and see if you can make the grade at Red Bull Schooled!

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