Janna Meyen Through The Years

You know that Janna Meyen conquered a crapload of slopestyle contests last season, including the 2004 X-Games. You know that she was voted Female Rider Of The Year at this year’s TranWorld’s Riders’ Poll Awards. You know that she’s a goddamn cool chick who makes no excuses and attacks life at the jugular.

However, what you might not know is that Janna has been around in snowboarding since, like, day one. “I wore Sorels and shit,” she says. And it’s true. Janna grew up a true Volcom grom, shredding big-jean style with the likes of Jeff and Billy Anderson, Jamie Lynn, and Joel Mahaffey-all documented in Volcom’s epic The Garden. She’s known for her don’t-give-a-fuck, dude-like shred style, stepping to crazy street rails, and pushing it in the park. And now all of 27, she’s still tearing everything apart-obviously.-J.S.