Photos and video linked on the left.I could care less about Nascar. Never been much of a motorhead. Like driving fast myself, but don’t see what’s so sweet about watching other dudes drive in circles.

But a recent trip to a speedway caused me to reconsider. Last Saturday the folks at Vitamin Water hosted a bunch of pro boarders and some of us hanger-on types to get behind the wheel. It’s called the Richard Petty Experience. And after a little instruction and a ride along with a pro-driver they let us hammer down on their stock cars. We were free to kill ourselves.

It seemed a little insane.

I was nervous. Didn’t know if I’d be able to handle a car at that speed. Wondered if the Fontana Speedway would become my final resting place. Asked myself if it was indeed a good day to die. Convinced myself I was competent. And dropped into first, then second, third through the first turn and then fourth at about 110 mph into the straight away. And then I pushed the pedal to the floor. Couldn’t help it. I topped out at 142 mph. It felt f-ing awesome.

Eight laps later it was over all too soon.

Before I knew it I was milling around “the pit with all the other boarders, most of whom now had this wild look in their eyes. All agreed they wanted to go faster, that they could’ve handled 160, maybe 180, easy. We all wanted more. Like a bunch of junkies, we were mad, crazy mad, from the speed.

I think Carlino even said something like “We should get into this man,

He was serious. It was that fun.

Thanks to the fun-loving folks at Vitamin Water I found new respect for Nascar drivers, who in all actuality are probably not all that different from us snowboarders. They too are just looking to point it, get scared and see just how fast they can go without completely loosing control. That’s shredding.